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Bitville Gaming wagering solutions facilitate the placement of bets or wagers on various outcomes. The availability and legality of wagering services vary depending on the jurisdiction and local regulations. Additionally, we have always had a responsible approach within the legal framework of respective regions with the following aspects:

Risk Management Systems:
Our wagering solutions incorporate risk management tools to help operators minimize potential losses. These systems analyze betting patterns, monitor odds, and employ algorithms to detect suspicious activity, identify potential fraud, or mitigate significant financial risks.

Payment Processing:
We provide a secure and efficient payment processing which is integrated with payment gateways or offers its own payment processing capabilities, enabling users to deposit funds and withdraw winnings seamlessly.

Player Management systems:
We offer this system functionality for managing player fees, dues, and financial transactions, allowing administrators to track payments and generate invoices or receipts.

Regulatory Compliance Tools:
To operate legally, we need to adhere to specific regulations and licensing requirements. With compliance tools, we assist operators in meeting these obligations, ensuring responsible gambling practices, and maintaining transparency in their operations.

We propose several wagering services depending on business preferences, accessibility, and the availability of online platforms or physical terminals in a particular location. Here are some different types of wagering services including:

  • Portal & free-standing POS Wagering
  • USSD, Online & SMS wagering
  • Mobile-Money Wagering
  • Third-party Wallet integration
  • Custom Wallet
  • Own Wallet by BV

Portal Wagering:
We provide portal wagering to licensed online sportsbooks or betting platforms on demand. These portals are accessible on computers, smartphones, or other internet-enabled devices. Users can easily create an account, deposit funds, and then place bets on different gaming activities.

Free-Standing POS Wagering:
We provide a convenient and efficient way for users to place bets in person by using Free-standing POS wagering . It eliminates the need for interacting with a cashier or waiting in line, as users can independently navigate the terminal and place their bets. The terminal processes the transaction and generates a ticket or receipt indicating the details of the bet.

USSD, Online & SMS wagering
We established this method in the gambling and betting industry to facilitate betting transactions and interactions with users. USSD is used by mobile network operators to provide interactive communication sessions between mobile users and various Bitville Gaming’s applications. Users can place bets by sending text messages with specific codes and receive notifications about the outcome and any winnings via SMS.

Mobile-Money Wagering
We develop mobile applications that allow users to place bets using their mobile money accounts. Mobile money wagering enables users to deposit funds into their betting accounts and withdraw winnings using their mobile money wallets. This eliminates the need for traditional banking methods and makes it easier for users to manage their gambling finances.

Third-party Wallet Integration
We provide a third-party wallet integration process of incorporating a wallet or payment solution developed by a different company into an existing system or platform. This integration enables seamless transactions between the two platforms, making it convenient for users to deposit and withdraw funds within a secure and a reliable solution.


Development Expert
  • B2B Iframe Betting solutions
  • Bespoke platform & product development
  • Custom Product development

Bitville Gaming offers a large range of B2B iframe betting solutions to betting and gambling platforms that are designed for business-to-business (B2B) purposes and can be integrated into third-party websites or applications using iframes. These solutions allow businesses to offer a betting experience directly on their own platforms, without the need for users to navigate to a separate betting website. In the context iframes are used to seamlessly integrate the betting functionality into the host platform, providing a cohesive user experience.

Bitville Gaming expertises in bespoke platform and product development that refers to the process of creating custom platforms or products tailored to specific business needs. Rather than using off-the-shelf solutions, bespoke development involves building from scratch, taking into account the unique requirements, workflows, and goals of the business.

Bitville Gaming provides the following benefits:

  • Tailored solutions
  • Flexibility and future-proofing
  • Enhanced security
  • Ownership and control

Tailored solutions:
Bitville Gaming builds specifically for the unique needs and cater for challenging projects, offering a competitive advantage and enhanced efficiency.

Bitville Gaming offers bespoke solutions that can be designed to scale as the business grows, accommodating increased data, users, and functionality.

Flexibility and future-proofing:
Bitville Gaming adapts to changing business requirements, industry trends, and technological advancements. It provides the flexibility to incorporate new features and integrations as needed.

Enhanced security:
Bitville Gaming provides robust security measures tailored to the business’s specific needs and regulatory compliance.

Ownership and control:
Bitville Gaming gives the business the full ownership and control over the developed platform, including its intellectual property rights.