Extensive Knowledge of Lottery Games

Bitville Gaming lottery experts have a deep understanding of various lottery games, including their rules, odds, and payout structures. We provide different Lottery Game Types, such as numbers betting, number-based games, multi-state drawings and even custom lottery games.

Numbers Betting

A comprehensive betting solution for online and retail betting operators and platform.

National Lottery Games

Bitville Gaming facilitates a lottery system that is organized and operated by a national government.

International Lottery Games

International lottery games are similar to national lottery games, but where Bitville Gaming involves to facilitate the participation from multiple countries.

Lottery RNG

Bitville Gaming develops or acquires a robust and secure random number generator (RNG) system.

Raffle Draws

Bitville Gaming raffle lotteries involve understanding the requirements of your raffle draw.

Fast Lottery Draws

Bitville Gaming’s fast lottery draws are a type of lottery game where the results are determined and announced quickly after the entry period ends.

Rapid Lottery Draws

Rapid lottery draws refer to lottery games that have quick and frequent drawing schedules.

Custom Lottery

Bitville Gaming custom lottery services allow customizing the rules and parameters of the lottery according to business preferences.

Charity Lottery

Bitville Gaming facilitates and manages lotteries or raffles that raise funds for a good cause or charitable causes.

ILottery Live Lottery | Instant Win Lottery Games

Bitville Gaming provides a live lottery system with third-party integration typically that involves the integration of lottery games or drawings with external platforms.



Robust lottery engine

Bitville Gaming ’s lottery solution is a robust lottery engine allowing to pick and choose any drum-based or RNG lotteries to be easily installed onto a platform.

In partnership with SportRadar, Bitville Gaming offers fixed odds betting on the largest selection of real state lotteries for operators’ websites and betting terminals.

Bitville Gaming Lottery Features are:

RNG Lottery Insurance

Prize Distribution

Iframe Installable and Themeable Solutions

Direct Drum Machine Integration API

Analytics and Reporting

Legal Terms and Conditions

Scalable, Secure and Robust trusted Platform

Choose between Real-World or Custom Lotteries

Security Measures

POS, USSD and Retail ready API



Management and administration of lottery

As a lottery provider, Bitville Gaming assists in the management and administration of lottery that involve various processes, including ticketing, drawing or selection of winning numbers, prize distribution, and ensuring the overall integrity and fairness of the lottery operations.

The key aspects of our lottery operations:

Dedicated Team Working 24/7

Fully Configurable Odds

Action Tracking for complete transparency

Continuous workflow Improvements

Three – Step Verification Process

Automated and Manual Data Collections

Constant Schedules Monitoring & Adjustments



Provides peace of mind – Lottery insurance

Bitville Gaming always ensures that there is lottery insurance, also known as prize indemnity insurance, that provides peace of mind and allowing for larger prize pools, enhancing the overall appeal of the lottery.

Our lottery insurance typically includes:

Assessing the Risk

Premium Payment

Premium Calculation

Prize Payout

Promotional Flexibility