Responsible Gaming

Bitville Gaming prioritizes RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING practices and provides resources and tools to help maintain and control all gambling services and solutions. As a responsible gaming provider we aim to minimize the potential harms associated with gambling and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for players.

Our Responsibilities as a responsible gaming provider include:

Player Protection

Education and Awareness

Tools and Controls

Collaboration and Compliance

Research and Development

Continuous Improvement

Security and Fairness

Social Responsibility

Player Protection: Bitville Gaming implements measures to protect vulnerable individuals and prevent excessive or underage gambling. This includes age verification processes, self-exclusion options, and limits on deposits or losses.

Education and Awareness: Bitville Gaming provides information and resources to promote responsible gambling behavior. By offering support and counseling services for players who may be experiencing gambling-related problems.

Tools and Controls: Bitville Gaming offers responsible gambling tools and controls to empower players to manage their gambling activities effectively. This can include setting deposit limits, time limits, reality checks, and providing access to self-assessment tools for players to evaluate their gambling behavior.

Collaboration and Compliance: Bitville Gaming works closely with regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders, and gambling operators to ensure compliance with responsible gambling regulations and standards which includes conducting audits, assessments, and certifications to ensure that gambling platforms and operators adhere to responsible gaming practices.

Research and Development: Bitville Gaming supports research initiatives to better understand gambling behavior, risk factors, and effective prevention and intervention strategies.

Continuous Improvement: Bitville Gaming regularly evaluates and enhances responsible gambling measures based on research, feedback from players, and industry best practices. This involves monitoring and analyzing gambling patterns, collecting data on player behavior, and implementing changes to improve player protection.

Security and Fairness: Bitville Gaming places utmost importance on the security and fairness of its lottery services. The company utilizes advanced encryption technologies to protect customer data and financial transactions. Additionally, Bitville Gaming adheres to strict regulatory guidelines and operates in accordance with applicable laws to ensure the integrity and transparency of its operations.

Social Responsibility: Bitville Gaming is committed to responsible gambling practices and promotes player well-being. The company encourages customers to play responsibly, providing resources and tools for setting deposit limits, self-exclusion, and accessing support for gambling-related issues. Furthermore, Bitville Gaming supports various charitable initiatives and contributes a portion of its revenue to social causes.

Legal Compliance

Bitville Gaming operates within LEGAL COMPLIANCE with local and international gambling regulations. We ensure that participants meet all legal requirements and adhere to relevant laws and guidelines which vary depending on each jurisdiction. Our solutions are designed to meet stringent security standards and comply with relevant laws and regulations for anti-fraud mechanisms, such as:

Licensing and Permits

Age Restrictions

Prize Limitations

Odds and Prize Structure

Financial Controls

Advertising and Promotion

Data Protection

Record Keeping and Reporting

Compliance Monitoring

Retail Liability: This coverage protects against claims that may arise during gaming events, tournaments, or gaming-related activities. It can include coverage for products liability, and completed operations liability, including terminals, consoles, peripherals, and other hardware used in our retail gaming activities.

Cyber Liability Insurance: Bitville Gaming’s online gaming platforms are vulnerable to cyber threats, such as data breaches, hacking, or denial-of-service attacks. Cyber liability insurance helps us to cover the costs associated with data breaches, legal expenses, notification to affected parties, and potential damages resulting from the breach.

Professional Liability: Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability coverage is essential for our game developers, designers, and other gaming professionals. This professional liability insurance offers protection to Bitville Gaming against claims of professional negligence, intellectual property infringement, or failure to deliver promised services, errors, or omissions resulting in financial loss or harm to participants.

Prize Indemnity: This coverage is mainly for our lottery insurance that offers large cash prizes or valuable items. Prize indemnity insurance covers the cost of awarding the prize in case a participant or team successfully achieves the predetermined criteria for winning.

Gaming Policies

Gaming and betting POLICIES vary depending on the country and jurisdiction. However, Bitville Gaming provides and follows specific policies that may change over time. Bitville Gaming create a safe and confidential environment and aim to promote transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior by establishing policies such as:



Responsible Measures

Money Laundering


Whistleblower policy: Bitville Gaming implements a whistleblower policy, to demonstrate its commitment to upholding high standards of integrity and its willingness to address and rectify any wrongdoing.

Legality: Bitville Gaming aligns each policy which is applicable to the laws and regulations related in the jurisdiction.

Responsible policies: Bitville Gaming implements responsible policies that include self-exclusion options, deposit limits, cooling-off periods, and resources for problem gambling support.

Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention: Bitville Gaming applies robust policies to prevent money laundering and fraud which include customer due diligence, anti-money laundering (AML) policies, and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements.

Taxation: The taxation rates differ from country to country, Bitville Gaming assists to ensure that gambling platforms and operators adhere to taxation policies within the jurisdiction.